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Monday, July 10, 2017

From Miss Emmanuella Clement,

From Miss Emmanuella Clement,

Please do not be embarrassed to read my message because you are the intended recipient. I got your email address through an online directory today and I contacted you personally to your email address because I seriously needed your assistance and advice. My name is Miss Emmanuella Clement, I am 22 years old girl and the only daughter of my late parents Mr/Mrs. Desire and Caroline Clement, My father was a cocoa merchant and he also worked with an oil drilling company here in my country Ivory Coast West Africa.
With deep sense of sorrow and great lost, I wish to inform you that my father died on a fatal car accident which killed him and his driver instantly on 12th December 2016. My mother died when I was still a baby and that was the reason my father took me so special until his death last year. Before the death of my father, he already 
revealed to me that he deposited with my name (Miss Emmanuella Clement) a sum of 4,750,000.00 Euros (Four million, seven hundred and fifty thousand Euros) in one of the prime bank here in my country and he gave me all the bank original documents and certificates.

The worst part of it now is that my wicked uncle is trying to kill me over this money because I refused to hand over the documents covering this money, him has sold all my father's landed properties including his cars which rightful belong to me and now he want me to hand over the bank document of my father in my possession which I refused, because of this, I ran away from home and I am presently staying in a local guest house because of my safety, pending when this money will be transferred so that I can leave the country to join you over there for my safety and also further my education.
Please I want you to help me in the following ways.
1- To help me transfer this funds to your bank account for investments in your country
2- To help me come over to your country to continue my studies after the transfer
I am willing to offer you 30% from the total funds as compensation for your help after the transfer to your bank account.

I will be waiting for your fast reply and assurance to help me so that I will give you more details.
Miss Emmanuella Clement

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